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Bestway, Inc. - Rick Heiniger Sales (RHS), Inc - Hiawatha, KS
A reputation on quality and simplicity. Quality means solid construction, simple operations, and uncomplicated easy maintenance.

Cannonball Engineering - Kingman, KS
Cannonball Engineering has developed a new generation of bale bed that expands the capabilities of an ordinary bale bed.

Land Pride, Div. of Great Plains Mfg., Inc. - Salina, KS
Taking the extra steps in delivering our products to you.

ROTO-MIX - Dodge City, KS
The ROTO-MIX® feeders combine state of the art technology, with high quality equipment and thus offer a solid feeding solution.

Swihart Sales Company - Quinter, KS
Selling low volume mist blowers, SI Feeder Wagons, Watusi Breeding Stock Cattle & farm supplies.

Our pest control products have been developed by seasoned professionals with nearly 50 years experience in treating both dairy cattle and beef cattle.

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