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Ag Chairmen, Colyer React to Proposed Budget
Kansas Ag Connection - 02/13/2018

Following the release of the Trump administration's FY 2019 budget proposal, Senate Agriculture Committee Chairman Pat Roberts, R-Kan., and House Agriculture Committee Chairman K. Michael Conaway, R-Texas, issued the joint statement below:

"As chairmen of the agriculture committees, the task at hand is to produce a Farm Bill for the benefit of our farmers, ranchers, consumers and other stakeholders. This budget, as with every other president's budget before, will not prevent us from doing that job. We are committed to maintaining a strong safety net for agricultural producers during these times of low prices and uncertain markets and continuing to improve our nation's nutrition programs."

Meanwhile, Kansas Governor Jeff Colyer, M.D., voiced his support for a new $1.5 trillion infrastructure plan, including $50 billion designated for rural infrastructure improvements.

"The President's plan is designed in such a way that state and local governments will retain most of the decision-making power. That is good for two reasons; first, local decision makers are more accountable and better equipped to maximize the value of every taxpayer dollar. Secondly and more importantly; Kansans know what Kansas needs more than bureaucrats in Washington do and I'm pleased that the administration understands that," Colyer said.

"For too long rural America has been overlooked and undervalued. The administration's Rural Infrastructure Program invests $50 Billion in rural communities, the bulk of which is block-granted to states, so that the leaders on the ground can direct the money in the most efficient manner. Investing in infrastructure is key to jumpstarting economic development and job growth, and we are excited to see this much-needed investment in rural America," the governor added.

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