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Commerce Partners with Kansas Global to Grow Exports
Kansas Ag Connection - 08/20/2014

Gov. Sam Brownback announced Tuesday that the Kansas Department of Commerce will partner with Kansas Global Trade Services on a $250,000 grant from the Legislature to increase awareness of the importance of exports for the Kansas economy. The grant will allow Kansas Global to work with communities throughout the state to promote exports and identify companies with potential to increase exports and create jobs.

"Kansas exports have grown by $2.5 billion during the last three years, and the prospects for continued strong growth are bright," Kansas Commerce Secretary Pat George said. "This grant will allow Commerce and Kansas Global to help more businesses reach new markets and expand in existing ones. In turn, that will lead to an increase in jobs and investment in our state."

"Kansas Global is honored to work with Governor Brownback and the Kansas Department of Commerce to increase export awareness, connect companies to assistance and work with Kansas communities to support export expansion," said Kansas Global President and CEO Karyn Page. "This effort will build on our regional export plan created as part of the Global Cities Initiative, a joint project of Brookings and JPMorgan Chase. It also supports our experience with Wichita Mayor Carl Brewer on export initiatives for the Wichita area. We are ready to get to work with communities and exporters throughout the state."

As part of the grant, Kansas Global will identify companies and industry clusters capable of increasing exports by volume, new customers or new markets. This will enable a greater understanding of the needs of exporters and build awareness of the value of exporting as a job creation tool in Kansas.

Six regional meetings will promote export awareness, identify local companies with export potential and connect communities and companies to export assistance. The grant will also fund export discovery meetings with businesses throughout the state to identify export opportunities and needs and refer businesses to education and training programs. In addition, an export service provider directory with a referral guide will be developed and distributed.

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